Cylinder Repairs

Hydraulic Equipment Repair + Remanufacturing

Delta Industrial Services is your source for hydraulic cylinder repair and remanufacturing. You will receive the experience, integrity and professionalism when your needs for cylinder repair, maintenance or replacement is required. Delta is here to fulfill your needs completely and cost-effectively. We understand that properly working fluid power systems are the lifeblood of equipment and that “down-time” caused by failures can be costly. We have provided our clients with the key ingredients required to keep their equipment in service: a dedicated repair facility; qualified personnel; a full-service machine shop which houses precision mills, long bed lathes and the most up-to-date equipment plus our access to over 75,000 hydraulic and pneumatic seals in inch and metric sizes needed to complete the repairs or provide replacements. Our extensive knowledge and experience with hydraulic cylinder engineering ensures quality repairs, manufacturing and remanufacturing that will meet or exceed OEM specifications. Hydraulic Cylinder2

Proven Track Record of Comprehensive Service

For over 50 years, Delta Industrial Services has been providing pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder repair and re-manufacturing. Our repair and remanufacturing services include in-house manufacturing of all major internal components such as rods, pistons or packing glands that meet or exceed OEM specifications.
Where rebuilding or refurbishing of hydraulic pumps and motors is concerned, our engineers and technicians service and replace all soft components. This is often achieved by using reverse engineering techniques, laser alignment, and pressure testing.
Hydraulic Cylinder
Our Five-Decade Legacy Is Your Advantage

The best machines and techniques become even better in the hands of our experienced engineers. For over 50 years, Delta Industrial Services has been a leader in hydraulic cylinder repair, reconditioning and rebuilding services. We are willing to handle your one-time service requirements or annual maintenance contracts.
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We proactively serve industries such as:

• Construction industry: For machineries such as heavy bulldozers, excavators and forklifts.
• Municipalities: For waste water treatment plants, gray water treatment, and fresh water plants.
• Food Industry: Including poultry, grain, and beverage industries
• Mining and Materials
• Utilities
• Plastics & other extrusion process users…and more
Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc. also honors repair, service, and maintenance requirements brought to us by service and maintenance specialists, and garage operators.

Years of wear and tear can render your pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, pumps, or motors useless. This not only hampers your normal course of operations, but also results in costly downtime.

Our Services Comprise:

• Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinder Repair
• Hydraulic Pump & Motor Repair
• Re-manufactured Exchange Program
• Custom Fabrication of Replacement Parts
• Sales of All Major Hydraulic Motors

Our Specialty – Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinder Part and Repair Services

Whether you need service and repair for obsolete components or the latest advanced machines, Motor & Gear Engineering, Inc. can handle your requirements owing to the following reasons:
• We have a fully-equipped 40,000 square feet facility that comprises both machining and mechanical support equipment. This enables us to redesign, repair or rebuild most hydraulic products.
• Our equipment and machines would be ineffective without the skill and expertise of our factory trained technicians and mechanical engineers. Our team understands your pressing deadlines and works in tandem with your exact specifications even when they have the most complicated project on hand.
• We have a rich and varied experience in handling specific problems pertaining to wear and tear of hydraulic cylinder tubes, rods, and also piston ring damage among other areas. Our customers mostly come to us for our highly customized hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder repair services.
The size of your firm or the business you bring in doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are our customer. When you do business with us, hassle-free service and cost-savings in repair and rebuilding work are a given.
From the main power input in your facility to the final output shaft of your final piece of equipment, Delta Industrial Services is the most professional service house for hydraulic cylinder repair and a myriad of other repair services.Hydraulic Cylinder1