Equipment Remanufacturing

Equipment RemanufacturingWhether your capital equipment has long lead times, expensive replacement costs or individual parts are obsolete, or simply needs repair, Delta possesses the ability to reverse engineer components faster and more cost effective. Additionally, we provide improvements that will extend the life of your equipment and reduce operation down time.

¬†At Delta we re-manufacture various types of rotating equipment for various industries including oil and gas, construction, mining, pumping, paper, power generation, metal production and many more. Contact Delta today to learn how we can save you time and money. Weld Repair – For 50 years, we’ve developed effective weld processes to restore equipment general wear. These processes allow us to provide a restored component at considerable cost savings and equal post-repair service lives. Machining – Once worn areas have been restored through welding, we utilize our precision machining capabilities to restore your equipment to their original dimensions. Investment Recovery – Refurbished equipment saves money, reduces inventory and supports a green environment. Quality – Through our total quality system, we’ve developed proven re-manufacturing processes that ensure proper documentation, material tracking, segregation of operations and accountability to effectively produce the highest quality “like new” rebuilds.